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With over 50 years combined expereince in the Perimeter Protection market, RC Engineering’s fencing division are the perfect partners to collaborate with on your next fencing project. 

We carry and have access to large stocks of a wide range of fencing systems which are all compliant with the lastest BS Standards for your standard fencing range.  

We are leading manufactures of sports fencing systems and assecories with full in-house fabrication capabilites which enable us to deliver the most complex of projects. This has been highlighted by being involved in some of the most exciting, high profile sports projects to be undertaken on the island of Ireland in recent years. 

For more information on our range of perimeter protection products please contact info@rcengineeringni.com or call us on 028 796 27 188. 


  • The RCF-868 is a highly versatile product which can be configured for a wide range of applications.
  • This type of fencing doesn’t involve the traditional ‘V’ beam. Thus, offering a less obtrusive appearance wilst still maintaining a high level of security.

Applications Include: Offices, Town Centres, Playgrounds & Recreational sites, Shopping Centres, Schools & Colleges, Commercial & Industrial, Utility Companies, Storage Facilities, Vehicle Compounds, Zoo & Safari Parks.

We also specialise in High-Security systems which incorporate products that have been tested to LPS1175 standards.  

Applications for our High-Security mesh system range would include: National Infastructure Sites, Schools, Hospitals and sites were security requirements are essential. 


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