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The RCF-868 is a highly versatile product which can be configured for a wide range of applications.

Design and specification of the 868-fence panel benefits from the removal of the traditional “V” beam. This in turn offers a less obtrusive appearance whilst maintaining a high level of security.

Applications Include: Offices, Town Centres, Playgrounds & Recreational sites, Shopping Centres, Schools & Colleges, Commercial & Industrial, Utility Companies, Storage Facilities, Vehicle Compounds, Zoo & Safari Parks.

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The wires used to produce the mesh fencing are either 6.00mm or 8.00mm in diameter. The increased diameter provides additional rigidity giving excellent resistance to attacks by a more determined offender whether by person or hand tools. It also strengthens its performance in areas with a high wind speed.

When the fence line is viewed at a distance, combined with strength and integrity the appearance provides a rugged and durable feel. RCF-868 has been successfully installed on educational establishments and retail parks which needed a higher security solution, something much more than the conventional mesh fencing system could offer.

Sizing Options

  • Standard fence panels are manufactured with a mesh pattern of 200mm x 50mm centres.
  • Panels are supplied 2.5m wide and standard heights of 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.0m and 2.4m.
  • Optional 3.0m high panels can be supplied by special order.
  • Standard posts are manufactured using 60mm x 60mm x 2mm wall thickness.


Installation and erection of RCF-868 is a simple and straight-forward process. RCF-868 is erected in the same manner as other typical mesh fencing systems, making installation in level or undulating ground a straight forward process.

Fence panels are attached to the mounting post by means of a fixing clip, which is held in place using an 8mm secure tamper resistant fixing. This type of fixing reduces the risk of unauthorised removal attempts and general vandalism.


Ordering & Delivery

We only take orders through email or phone call.

Delivery is available for a small fee.

Depending on quantity ordered, fencing systems may be available immediately.


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