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The premier security product in the RC Steel Fence mesh range is the RCF-358 system.

RCF-358 offers an alternative to 358 Prison Mesh fencing. It is the ultimate in welded mesh security fencing. It provides a high degree of security for physical perimeter protection whilst also maintaining a discreet visual impact on the surrounding environment.

Applications Include: Prisons, Data Centres, Cash Transfer Centres, Banking, Vehicle Compounds, Utility Companies, Industrial Sites & Power Stations.

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The panels are manufactured in a mesh pattern of 76.2mm x 12.7mm using a 4mm diameter vertical wire. The horizontal wires are resistance welded at each intersection. The construction of the panel ensures that it is formidable in both strength and performance.

RCF-358 has the unique ability to offer a mesh fencing panel up to 5.2m in height. The product is widely specified by prisons and military establishments and strategically important sites. RCF-358 is ideally suited to these secure types of application, as the mesh panels are extremely difficult to climb or penetrate.

The small mesh aperture is also effectively finger-proof and is difficult to attack using conventional hand tools.

Benefits of RCF-358

  • Prevent goods from being passed through the fence line from secure facilities.
  • Extremely strong design with high attack resistance.
  • Difficult to cut, climb or attack and features a secure vandal resistant fixing to post strap.
  • Protection of high-risk security premises and assets.
  • Ultimate security fence with the option of adding electric security.

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Ordering & Delivery

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