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3G & 4G Maintenance Brush

Modern synthetic turf has developed greatly over the last few years and now provides a premium playing surface for many sports. But like all quality pitches used by professionals, synthetic surfaces need regular maintenance to both preserve the life of the pitch and also to ensure the highest standards of playability and performance.

  • Simple maintenance, carried out ‘a little and often’ helps maintain each layer – from the synthetic ‘carpet’ to the sub-base and the applied infill.
  • Whether sand filled or rubber crumb (usually referred to as 3G or 4G), Goal Post NI manufacture equipment for routine drag brushing, grooming, decompacting, infill distribution and debris collection. Choosing the right equipment is critical and depends on many factors such as pitch type, surface characteristics and environmental conditions.





  • Every synthetic grass pitch requires frequent maintenance.
  • The RCB range of 3G maintenance brushes are the perfect tool for the job.
  • Made from Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel with Polyester Powder Coated finish.
  • These brushes offer a low cost, long life solution for your artificial grass pitch maintenance needs.
  • Galvanised to ISO 1461:1999 and Polyester Powder Coated to BS EN 13438.
  • Brushes can be arranged in the V-formation, straight or a combination of both.
  • The brushes come fitted with transport wheels as standard for easy moving of the unit,
  • The working size range from 1000m to 2000m can be fitted with fully adjustable tines to suit all surfaces.

Goal Post NI consult with your turf contractor to provide the correct specification brush or comb for your surface.


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